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TUMS Chewy Bites Ad Campaign

*conceptual project

TUMS is one of the most recognizable antacid brands in the world. In class, we were tasked with taking a "boring" product, TUM Chewy Bites, and designing and executing a memorable ad campaign. 

Art Direction



The Pitch

Picture this! You've just had a long, hard day and barely had a second to yourself. You're tired, stressed, and most of all, HUNGRY. You look in your fridge and can't find anything appetizing. Defeated, you take to your couch and put on the TV, immediately stumbling upon a fast-food ad where the food looks irresistibly good. A flood of cravings enter your mind, slowly driving you crazy. Whether it be pizza and cookies or fries dipped in a milkshake, your inner child is begging for food combinations that you deprive yourself of. All the while, the reasonable adult in you is desperately trying to reject these cravings. You sit for a minute, deciding whether or not to give in to what your inner child really wants to eat. You, then, remember all the good times of eating whatever you want, whenever you want.


When we are kids, we are able to indulge in our cravings, no matter how strange they may be. Yet as we grow older, we lose this luxury, limiting our food palette and culinary imagination. The freedom to eat like children makes us envious of our younger selves, only allowing strange, but oddly tasty food cravings to erupt.

We invite you to explore this campaign that reminds us to let our inner child eat. By spoofing writing tracing sheets, often used by young children in school to learn how to write, we embrace our childlike food cravings and celebrate the weirdness, but the deliciousness of a child's appetite.

Creative Idea:

Millennials secretly envy their younger selves' ability to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

Proposed Ad Campaign 


Alternative Media Advertisement:

Instagram Story Filter

Our idea for an alternative media advertisement is to engage with our consumers with a "What Weird Food Combo Are You?" Instagram Story filter. The filter will scan a user's face and match them to one of the weird food combos featured in the print advertisements. Millennials are avid Instagram users who care about their social appearance. This will engage our millennial consumers with the TUMS brand and encourage them to share this content with their friends, furthering the spread of this campaign. The filter maintains its child-like spirit and design, while also serving as a way to get consumers excited about the product.


"What Weird Food Combo Are You?" Instagram Filter


Art Director: Me, Zoya Schmitt

Copy Writer: Corrine Heffernan

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